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The OSC is currently accepting applications for new members. Please note that there are three levels of membership for which you can apply. Each level allows access to more robust content and research.

Level 1 - $10,000/year

  • Must lead at least one project under the OSC.

  • Must be a member of the Steering Committee.

  • Annual in-kind* contribution requirement: CAD $175,000 equivalent.

Level 2 - $2,500/year

  • May participate in any project in the OSC.

  • Annual in-kind* contribution requirement: CAD $40,000 equivalent.

Level 3 - $1,000/year

  • May participate in any projects by invitation of Level 1 members only.

  • No annual in-kind* contribution requirement.


*In-kind Contribution means the provisions of services and human resources, materials, facilities and equipment to Projects and to the operation of the Consortium, including participating on the Steering Committee and in Consortium workshops. It excludes Membership Fees and cash transfers to another Member.

If you have any questions about the OSC, please use the contact form below.


Satellite Canada Innovation Network

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Thank you.

Secretariat: Satellite Canada Innovation Network

SatCan is a not-for-profit organization working to advance Canadian global competitiveness in commercial space, technology and development. We work to support the Canadian space sector in many ways, such as:

  • Executing programs that provide direct support to commercial companies;

  • Managing consortia that work together to develop next generation space technology; and

  • Promoting Canada’s space industry on the world stage to demonstrate Canadian capabilities.

SatCan is a neutral third party that is positioned to deliver support and programmes available from public and private sources.

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